Latest Survey on the GOP and Women is Pretty Devastating

I would love to sift through the details more but clearly the GOP is not being heard by large groups of women, predominately single women

It also found that Republicans “fail to speak to women in the different circumstances in which they live” — as breadwinners, for example. “This lack of understanding and acknowledgment closes many minds to Republican policy solutions,” the report says. The groups urge Republicans to embrace policies that “are not easily framed as driven by a desire to aid employers or ‘the rich.’”

Going against the grain with this take on Ban Bossy now looks by this data to be pretty logical. While the next election may not have the same turnout model Obama drew, Democrats will be able to capitalize on these gaps unless real work is done to recapture the single female voter.

The problem is, the answer can’t be just better messaging. That hasn’t worked else you wouldn’t see results like this.

Female voters who care about the top four issues — the economy, health care, education and jobs — vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. Most striking, Democrats hold a 35-point advantage with female voters who care about jobs and a 26 percent advantage when asked which party is willing to compromise. House Republicans say jobs and the economy are their top priorities.

That’s just stunning. 


Beyonce Stands by a Sign. World Bows Down. Sofia goes for a Spin and its Sexism

This week in feminist hypocrisy we get to watch the inconsistency with the “Feminist label” change withing a period of 24 hours. My quick take is featured at Pocket Full of Liberty here. 

Catch my appearance on Cam and Company at the 4.40pm Mark today (August 26th 2014) Listen here.

Beyonce to me has always been fun but less art, more confection or packaged product. 



Guest Host for OpinioNation On Wednesday

We covered a ton of topics on our 2/27/13 OpinioNation Podcast. Your’s truly gets the honors of hosting the panel. amy reagan library

  • Bruce has breaking news on regarding Prop 8 Amicus Brief.
  • We discuss Bob Woodward and the White House.
  • Donna Brazile’s confusion over how health care premiums get priced
  • Medicaid Expansion to the States and the various approaches from GOP Governors.
  • T minus two days to Sequester, we discuss how much breath is being spend on what amounts to a 2 % cut in the overall 19% increase in spending from 2007.  Sequester Reads here and here.
  • Bruce and I have some fun with Mike quizzing him about the Oscars.  My fav tweet of the Oscar night from DWS
  • We discuss CPAC and specifically this quote from Philip Klein from a CPAC spokesperson “Obamacare was obviously huge over the past couple of years but Obamacare is
    done”  I ask you, what good is CPAC to Conservatives if they consider Obamacare a done deal?

The Bottom Line Segment Questions: Get everything you need to know in 3 minutes or less. Each Panelist gets 15 seconds or they get the buzzer.

  1. Organizing for America or OFA as I like to call it, declares itself an independent organization despite running Barrack Obama’s twitter account and apparently arranging visits for donors. Can anyone seriously view them as independent?
  2. Rumors are that Hugo Chavez is dead. Is this a win for Cuban Healthcare?
  3. Is there a point where the press will realize they are Rhianna to the White House’s Chris Brown and stop carrying water for this guy?


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Beyonce and Empowerment: Can Art be Created in a Bubble?

So I watched the HBO Documentary “Life is but a Dream” by Beyonce. As to why, well I enjoy some of her performances and “Single Ladies” and “Crazy in Love” are catchy. Further, I thought, maybe a woman this successful might have something to reveal of interest.

I was wrong. I did live tweet my experience here but the largest let down besides the heaping dose of narcissim was how unempowered and dependent Beyonce is.

This woman is never is alone and records every moment of her existence. It leads one to believe if she wasn’t observed or constantly performing she may have an off switch and is actually a Beyonce Bot. She spends some time in the middle of the documentary explaining how she is pushing a pro woman agenda but has no specific articulation as to what that is except equal pay or some nonsense that statistically isn’t true or further ridiculous coming from someone who gets paid what Beyonce does.

This empowerment message is barely noticeable over the staging, thousand scantily clad dancers and Beyonce showing off their “empowerments”. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the innate power a woman can have to turn heads and don’t think there’s a thing wrong with it. However, if you are trying to tell me you are down with the “cause” you might want to bring more to the table than short skirts.

When most of the choices facing Beyonce are described even by her as simply happening to her, it further undermines her independent visage. Like many celebrities who make it young, she is more in a state of permanent adolescence. Free will, independence, rugged individualism are far removed from her celebrity bubble. Its not shocking that she would support the Obama administration after watching this. She herself is in a permanant state of nannying by handlers.

The few awkward moments where she tries to frame her work as art not confection are sad in the sense that she has no idea that a life so isolated and insulated is the last way to create art that truly moves ones soul. Perhaps this is why Hollywood and the industry in general rarely produces art any more and churns out more and more forgettable confections.

Overall recommendation: Skip the Documentary. You’ll enjoy Beyonce more the less you know.


The Left’s Choose Your Own Adventure Approach to the World..

The more I see things like this Gawker article stunt where they publish NY gun owner names, the more I agree with John Podhoretz’s assertion that essence of conservatism is order. The left is in essence, disorder and aims to create situations whether intentionally or not, gravitate our country to moving to more disorder.

A few points of disorder driven without principle from the Left

  • The left clearly would much prefer the Constitution acted more like a choose your own adventure book than a frame from which a Republic hangs its hat and its fortune. Second Amendment too messy, ignore and move along. No need to evaluate position for veracity or constitutionality. These things mean little to a leftist.
  • Obama’s preference for last minute crisis management substituting for governance
  • Ridiculous assertion such as minting a trillion dollar coin as a solution to our nations spending crisis.
  • The Democratic Senate Strategy of not passing a budget for 1350 days as of today despite their obligation to do so.
  • Most horrifically to note, was the assertion that in fact by our own President that we do not have a spending problem despite all evidence to the contrary. Funny that idea was not mentioned as part of #Forward.
  • No longer do our films document a hero’s journeys, instead they often are explorations of navel gazing narcissism of what would normally be a supporting character cast as the lead. Gone is Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey, in is chaos and abdication of personal responsibility for ones choices.
  • The lefts policies destabilize the American society to our detriment and to their electoral advantage. Their war on poverty wreaked havoc on the African American community. Pushing for feminism as expressed by a hook up culture with its distaste for commitment, personal responsibility and marriage has led to an explosion of single mothers with children being raised without their fathers.

    Meanwhile the conservatives continue to attack themselves or brushing up on Saul Alinsky as if we can embrace the chaos of the left and win as some sort of Alinsky light. There is a very real possibility such a current endeavor is doomed to fail because of its essential conflict with the essence of conservatism. Unless order can be distilled out of the chaos right now on the right, no real sense of conservatism to lead from will emerge and we will continue to lose.

    So what does that mean for the right. It means don’t play on the left’s playground. You won’t win an argument if the basis of the discussion is on the unsettled ground of the left. Reframe each point grounded in reality and principle and move forward from there. The left’s premise is always false because it’s not grounded in reality. Start from there and collapse the ground from underneath them.

13 for 2013: Predictions

Listen to the OpinioNation Crew January 2nd 2013 Podcast for the Bottom Line Segment: 2013 Predictions
Here’s my list

1. Zero Dark Thirty will be better than expected but Hollywood will shrink from applauding it since it notes that people often give up useful information using techniques that are harsher than Club Gitmo

2. The Media will continue to dominate how the mechanics in DC work unless the GOP smartens up. We will stumble from one manufactured crisis to the next unless someone has the guts to call Obama’s bluff and show it’s a bunch of nonsense.

3. Not much will get done regarding real reform in DC because we didn’t win the election and the Democrats don’t care to cut spending.

I’d like to see the GOP rethink its strategy on how to reform entitlements or they will never connect with the American people. Also, it would be nice if anyone would consider cutting non-entitlement spending despite it not being the main driver of our debt. It still sucks that Washington wastes our money.

We can walk and chew gum folks. Cut and reform. Rinse/Repeat.

4. Any new reform proposed by Obama will fail because he is terrible at legislating and prefers to just play politics. If anything does get done it will because Senate Democrats will have decided he’s a lame duck and it’s time to start separating themselves from him. Or if he deploys.. The Biden.

5. The economy will not improve and will continue to stumble around with no real job improvement prospects for the American People. The Media will pretend we need more time while ignoring that the headwinds are self inflicted: Tax increases and Obamacare.

6. The Full Time job will start to become a mythical beast as companies in an effort to manage uncertainty, Government regulations and Obamacare rules, seek out contractors and part time staff for roles.

7. Oil and Gas are American’s way to grow their way out of this mess. I hope to see people take the “I drink your milkshake stance” and buy property next to Federal land and start drilling.

8. The Democrats will overreach on gun control and immigration.

9. No one will propose the obvious fixes for SS and Medicare: Age hikes and means testing for Medicare. Instead we will continue to make stupid videos about throwing grandma off a cliff and yelling Voucher really loud.

10. No one will take on the fraud associated with welfare programs because the GOP is often the stupid party.

11. People will no longer look up from their phones to notice one another and will start to communicate via text message completely.

12. Gun sales continue to skyrocket as our national self flagellation about gun control continues.

13. Despite all efforts and requests Obama will not in fact “be clear”.