All the Single Ladies Week

I stubbornly persist in believing the GOP should be selling freedom.  “Let it burn” isn’t a real option for a mom with three small children. Besides the Democrats have taken so much power from people, that there’s plenty to hand back.

After the bloodbath that was that survey with single women, there’s work to do.  I shared a few thoughts that I hope to continue in the future  on how to reach female voters.

Like it or not culture looms much larger in voters lives than policy.  Reaching the heart and the mind is the only way to change minds. This piece drew the attention of the politics editor at Cosmopolitan and the Editor in Chief. Perhaps for good reason. They aren’t offering rational balanced analysis of policy or politicians.  Instead they are substituting what they assume is truth because everyone they know believes the same things.

Wednesday, the Pocket Liberty crew went live over at FTR Radio.  We covered Obama’s Speech on ISIS and 2014 Election Stakes. Have a listen here.

But, the best part of this  week might be the BlogFather endorsement. Thank you again Glenn for sharing.  My hope is despite the comments and reactions to my modest proposal to frame conservative policy for the single female that real efforts are made to reach these voters.

If you can’t sell freedom and liberty, you suck


Weekly Run Down August 2014

This week’s piece takes on Salon’s confusion regarding Sex 

If we want perfectly equal, meaningless sex, the only way to achieve that is cultural force. Expect more agitation from the activist class to push for “equal” sexual outcomes and broader definitions of what sex is. We are already seeing forced regulation of sex on college campuses, with the introduction of verbal or writtenconsent laws. The language of sex has already shifted to a conversation of “safe” and “unsafe,” when it should be “worthy” and “unworthy.” Now, what used to be foreplay must be seen as equivalent to sex. In the midst of all this upheaval, count me on Team John Spartan.

Read more here

Weekly Political Radio Roundup

Four hours of Live Radio this week if you missed it.

Monday: Match Game Monday Night

With Tabitha Hale, Lisa DePasquale, Tony Katz, Kurt Schlichter, Gabriel Malor, and me
Hosted by @Gaypatriot

If its Wednesday, its Opinionation on at 10pm EST/ 7pm PST

Talked immigration reform, Boston Bombing, Hillary and of course the always fun Bottom Line. Join Jon Rollings, Mike Ohanian, Bruce Carroll and myself weekly. I swear you’ll laugh and might learn something. Or at the very least, you’ll laugh.

Thursday happy to join the my Pocket Full of Liberty Crew and debut the PocketCast of Liberty Live

We discussed Obamacare exemptions, Gun bill failures, and a friendly disagreement on whether shutting down Boston was the right approach. Stay for the end to hear the Goofball tweets of the week from the Crew. Mine refers to a sitting Senator and chickens, seriously.

Saturday’s I’m found often on the Gang of 405.

I literally roll out of bed and jump on this one Saturday mornings on the west coast at 7 yet still sound semi sentient. I recall discussing immigration and what’s in the Gang of Eight bill for Republicans.. essentially nothing. Why John McCain is awful and I think we all started out discussing our feelings. New tone for the gang


Weekly Podcasts: OpinioNation, Podcast Full of Liberty Episode 2, and Gang of 405

radio mikeGreat round up of podcasts this week. Check them all out if you have time

Wednesday’s OpinioNation covered Gun Control, What’s the deal with Pat Toomey, Immigration and of course.. the Bottom Line @JohnEkdahl called into the show to discuss Toomey

PocketCast of Liberty Episode 2 The crew covered marijuana legalization, gun control, GOP Outreach tactics in Blue states, missed opportunities, and the MSNBC promo, Also, what’s wrong with Morning Joe..

Gang of 405 Covered Gosnell, discussion included the media reasons for starting to embrace coverage, what the best and worst ideas regarding politicizing this atrocity and more. We discuss Rand Paul’s outreach to Howard and what worked and what didn’t. What the real commitment to outreach means for the GOP.

My Show Prep
A Different Point of View on Rand Paul
Ben Domenech Storify
“Why I Didn’t Write about Gosnell and I should have” Meghan McCardle
Paul Ryan’s Smart path forward for Pro-Lifers
Why the Left doesn’t want to talk ..
My initial thoughts Friday on Gosnell reaction

Friday Roundup The GOP’s Not So Civil War

A few articles today caught my eye

First Ross Douthat with ” A Populism Worth it’s Name”

John Podhoretz Conservatives Gone Wild

The Fiscal Cliff was a choice of taxes or more taxes. The GOP chose less taxes. Blame Obama and Harry Reid if you wanted no taxes. Or blame the Nay’s in the House who couldn’t formulate a plan to amend the Senate Bill. Try not to destroy the room like Keith Moon. Instead,work on finding and electing more Ted Cruz’s and Tim Scott’s. That’s the most productive way to get heard. Winning elections with electable conservatives.

Likewise though to every “expert” out there deriding keyboard warriors or the base. Try to remember, they’re mad at you because you lost the election.. That might make your expertise come into question. Fatal Conceit is also quite unattractive coming from the right. Reach out to your base, you need them to win.

There are plenty center right ideas that have been largely abandoned by both parties. It’s time to brand the Democrats as the party of Big Everything. Big Government, Big Business, and Big Debt.

A War on Crony Capitalism is the way out of this mess.
Here’s a first easy shot from @TPCarney Obama Tax Hikes were less than he handed out to Big Business in the Washington Examiner today

The goal should be to find a winning 21st Century Conservative Agenda that attracts the base and even more Americans not less.

Don’t Look Into The Light America

poltergeistSometimes I just want to shake my fellow Americans and say “don’t look into the light” Yes, we are down, we are broke and most likely headed for another downgrade. But we’ve only just begun to fight.

So the Fiscal Cliff wasn’t everything you hoped for. Fine, but move on or get out of the way because it’s time for the fight on spending. We finally have a tax code that is permanent so it’s off the table. Despite Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s machinations, there is no logical reason the GOP would raise taxes now. The Democrats leverage or should I say hostage has been released except for those unfortunate enough to still be succeeding in this terrible Obama economy but it’s done. And now math is in our favor.

What’s that, you say, we’ve been here before and the GOP always caves. Might my generation ask of you some patience because hey, we’d like a shot at saving America from its worst instincts too. Think of the tea party conservatives as the first injection in a series of many needed inoculations for the party. Yes, they can be clumsy like all puppies and sometimes chew the furniture or pee in the corner if they don’t get their way but they are the seeds of what can move this party and country center right again.

But the GOP is a mess and destroying itself by infighting? Why yes, that’s true but what better way to unite everybody then to start closing ranks and taking aim at the unsustainable largesse that Obama has brought down on America.

It’s the land of opportunity. It’s time we embraced the challenge ahead. We’ve only just begun to fight.

It’s a Spending Problem America everything you need to fight is right here

Fiscal Cliff Counters Proposals

Gay patriot brain storms an approach here that trades tax increases for NPR and PBS cuts.

Some other options for Fiscal Cliff Jujitsu

1. Tax increases are temporary and expire if X number if cuts are not realized.
2. The Tom Colburn waste cuts.
3. Go after the dependency culture being bred by academics and victims. Toughen requirements for social security disability and foodstamps now.

This negotiation will be an utter failure if no real cuts to the welfare state aren’t banked in the first two years. Future promised cuts never materalize.

After all other options are exhausted , will Republicans do the right thing?

Courtesy of Investors Business Daily. ” This kind of honest bargaining is not what Barack Obama is currently up to. He and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are simultaneously trying to wreck the Republican Party politically by destroying its credibility as an enemy of high taxation. As Americans For Tax Reform President Grover Norquist points out on today’s front page, they’re also trying “get Republican fingerprints on the tax hikes they need to transform America into a European welfare state” that will eventually require a value-added tax or massive energy tax paid for by the middle class.”

The GOP having exhausted all other options may have no choice but do the right thing for the country. May this be the first step for the party finding its voice.

Deal or No Deal

Lots of back and forth on fiscal cliff options. The problem is , the back and forth is between just one party. The trio of McCain, Graham, and Chambliss, can’t seem to miss out an opportunity to bleat and capitulate to no one but the media so they can lauded as “reasonable”

Lets be clear, there’s nothing reasonable about negotiating with yourself in a vacuum.

Here’s the facts
1. Not one Democrat has offered up spending cuts to either offset sequestration.
2. None are serious about entitlement reform.
3. Obama just made an initial offer that is so toxically offensive, you can conclude one of two things: He is either completely incapable of understanding how to build a consensus or he want there to be no deal.

Why Democrats want the Cliff
·They know they need to cut Medicare but don’t want their hands on it
·Their base likes the idea of cutting defense. These are the people that think the Military should have to hold bakesales for their funding because kids do for schools.
· They need tax revenue badly. The tax on the 2% won’t generate much. This way they can blame the Republicans for the tax hike.
They need a villain to distract from the abysmal failure that is liberal policy. The GOP is their favorite foil and this cliff scenario gives them the taxes they really want.

So what do you do when confronted with destructive self serving behavior?
· Accept it. The Republican party needs to realize they are not negotiating with their Dad’s Democrat party. Realize, no matter what, they will look for a way to blame you.
· Ignore the popularity polls, leadership is about doing the right thing for the country. The right thing is raising no ones taxes and cutting wasteful government spending. To ensure a safety net for the elderly, entitlement reform is a must but unlikely to be part of the fiscal cliff deal. Its too complicated to get resolved in a few weeks.
· At a minimum, pass a bill in the house extended the Bush tax rates to ensure no one’s taxes go up in the new year and send it to the Senate. Cut this separately so it requires only 51 one votes via reconciliation. Dare the Dems to scuttle it.
Alternatively, the only framework available out there for a Big Deal is Simpson Bowles. It’s the only ready to go plan that would be available before the Cliff. Read more from Guy Benson
· Develop an ability to message as a party with a united front. Someone please find something better for Saxby, Lindsay and the McCain’s of the worlds to focus on besides courting the media for their Miss Congeniality reward.

Compile a bill of immediate cuts that are popular.
Options can include:
Mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients.
10% across the board cut of every budget and department. Its not optimal but it’s a start
Hiring Freeze of federal workers. No backfilling of current openings
Zero based budgeting to replace baseline budgeting.

On the revenue side
If you want the GOP to sacrifice their stand on tax increases which are destructive to our current economic situation, you have to swap it for something that would be stimulative of economic growth

Options include
· Repeal of unproductive regulations from agencies such as the EPA
· Opening of land to energy production
· Repeal of the one of the largest drags on the economy: Obamacare.
Alternatively, get creative and propose taxes on the left’s rich. Surcharges on large malpractice suit rewards for lawyers. Tax public union dues. And of course, close the Hollywood loopholes courtesy of Instapundit
Frankly unless the GOP gets any of the above they should have no interest in raising tax rates

My personal counter offer to the ridiculous deal offered by the White House would be, I’ll give you 2% on the 2% if you eliminate Obamacare, and commit to revisiting Simpson-Bowles. Otherwise, tax rates are steady and sequestration is sadly the only way to get real cuts.

I would ask every Republican to consider just how hard it will be to get reelected without your base. Either stand for your constituents or prepare to exit stage right.