Weekly Political Radio Roundup

Four hours of Live Radio this week if you missed it.

Monday: Match Game Monday Night

With Tabitha Hale, Lisa DePasquale, Tony Katz, Kurt Schlichter, Gabriel Malor, and me
Hosted by @Gaypatriot

If its Wednesday, its Opinionation on at 10pm EST/ 7pm PST

Talked immigration reform, Boston Bombing, Hillary and of course the always fun Bottom Line. Join Jon Rollings, Mike Ohanian, Bruce Carroll and myself weekly. I swear you’ll laugh and might learn something. Or at the very least, you’ll laugh.

Thursday happy to join the my Pocket Full of Liberty Crew and debut the PocketCast of Liberty Live

We discussed Obamacare exemptions, Gun bill failures, and a friendly disagreement on whether shutting down Boston was the right approach. Stay for the end to hear the Goofball tweets of the week from the Crew. Mine refers to a sitting Senator and chickens, seriously.

Saturday’s I’m found often on the Gang of 405.

I literally roll out of bed and jump on this one Saturday mornings on the west coast at 7 yet still sound semi sentient. I recall discussing immigration and what’s in the Gang of Eight bill for Republicans.. essentially nothing. Why John McCain is awful and I think we all started out discussing our feelings. New tone for the gang



Weekly Podcasts: OpinioNation, Podcast Full of Liberty Episode 2, and Gang of 405

radio mikeGreat round up of podcasts this week. Check them all out if you have time

Wednesday’s OpinioNation covered Gun Control, What’s the deal with Pat Toomey, Immigration and of course.. the Bottom Line @JohnEkdahl called into the show to discuss Toomey

PocketCast of Liberty Episode 2 The crew covered marijuana legalization, gun control, GOP Outreach tactics in Blue states, missed opportunities, and the MSNBC promo, Also, what’s wrong with Morning Joe..

Gang of 405 Covered Gosnell, discussion included the media reasons for starting to embrace coverage, what the best and worst ideas regarding politicizing this atrocity and more. We discuss Rand Paul’s outreach to Howard and what worked and what didn’t. What the real commitment to outreach means for the GOP.

My Show Prep
A Different Point of View on Rand Paul
Ben Domenech Storify
“Why I Didn’t Write about Gosnell and I should have” Meghan McCardle
Paul Ryan’s Smart path forward for Pro-Lifers
Why the Left doesn’t want to talk ..
My initial thoughts Friday on Gosnell reaction

Guest Host for OpinioNation On Wednesday

We covered a ton of topics on our 2/27/13 OpinioNation Podcast. Your’s truly gets the honors of hosting the panel. amy reagan library

  • Bruce has breaking news on gaypatriot.net regarding Prop 8 Amicus Brief.
  • We discuss Bob Woodward and the White House.
  • Donna Brazile’s confusion over how health care premiums get priced
  • Medicaid Expansion to the States and the various approaches from GOP Governors.
  • T minus two days to Sequester, we discuss how much breath is being spend on what amounts to a 2 % cut in the overall 19% increase in spending from 2007.  Sequester Reads here and here.
  • Bruce and I have some fun with Mike quizzing him about the Oscars.  My fav tweet of the Oscar night from DWS
  • We discuss CPAC and specifically this quote from Philip Klein from a CPAC spokesperson “Obamacare was obviously huge over the past couple of years but Obamacare is
    done”  I ask you, what good is CPAC to Conservatives if they consider Obamacare a done deal?

The Bottom Line Segment Questions: Get everything you need to know in 3 minutes or less. Each Panelist gets 15 seconds or they get the buzzer.

  1. Organizing for America or OFA as I like to call it, declares itself an independent organization despite running Barrack Obama’s twitter account and apparently arranging visits for donors. Can anyone seriously view them as independent?
  2. Rumors are that Hugo Chavez is dead. Is this a win for Cuban Healthcare?
  3. Is there a point where the press will realize they are Rhianna to the White House’s Chris Brown and stop carrying water for this guy?


opinionationcrew-001Listen on ITUNES or MP3 Style from The405Radio

The Best and Worst of 2012

Listen to the OpinioNation Crew January 2nd 2013 Podcast for our take on the Best of 2012.
Here’s a recap of mine below.

Best Political Stories of 2012
1. From Benjamin Netanyahu’s side by side Press conference with Obama in 2011 to his speech at the UN regarding the redline gives me hope that someplace, somewhere people still know what it means to lead with moral clarity.
2. The fact that Marco Rubio exists and may proceed unopposed based on the past 2 days of news. Overall the GOP Bench vs Benghgazi Hillary and Joe “Chains” Biden are quite a promising match up for conservatives.
3. Paul Ryan Hey Girl Meme provided some comic relief and eye candy to console us while we inexorably lost to the Obama Machine and his merry band of low information voters.

Worst Political Stories of 2012
1. Youtube videos cause terrorist attack on 9/11 in Benghazi. White House pushes false narrative and even doubles down at the UN on the youtube premise and takes a nice attack at free speech with this one “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” Who would do that? ..
2. The Fiscal Cliff Story. I imagine the house GOP felt like Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon realizing “That’s no Moon” You were taxed if you do or taxed if you don’t. It was a mobius strip of hell being trapped in this new cycle.
3. OWS: A product of a higher education bubble that liberals continue to push. Meanwhile they keep churning out sociology, womyn’s studies and other crap that qualifies you to own a Che shirt and work in a hipster coffee shop with 200K in debt. Meanwhile you can’t even spell correctly on a protest sign. Yeah America! Thank you public schools for generating tons of people who need a college degree to learn what they used to learn in High School.

Best Non-Political Stories
1. Jersey Shore is cancelled
2. Will and Kate’s Royal Baby
3. London Olympics: Always good to see that someplace somewhere, participating is not enough. We still reward winning and are even so cruel as to rank them. I’m sure this will end soon.

Worst Non-Political Stories
1. The Brits salute to nationalized healthcare in the London Olympics opener. I didn’t predict that the end of European Civilization would be choreographed.
2. Anything to do with Russell Brand. I think one could look too long at the man and contract a STD
3. Honey Boo Boo Fever Strikes America filling the embarrassing vacuum previously occupied by the Jersey Shore.

Best Person of the Year
1. Scott Walker
2. Glen Dougherty and Tyrone Woods the two former seals who defended the Benghazi compound
3. Andrew Breitbart

Worst Person of the Year
1. Sandra Fluke Reproductive Panhandler
2. John Roberts: Obamacare Ruling. Americans can now be forced to buy a private sector product by the federal government via taxation.
3. Eric Holder: Fast and Furious, Voter Id, Black Panthers case and who knows what else that isn’t being covered. A disaster of an AG and toxic for this country’s race relations. How’s that for a “bold conversation on race”

Best Song of the Year
1. “We are Young” by Fun
2. “Hey Ho” by the Lumineers:
3. “Baddest Man Alive” The Black Keys

Worst Song
1. Best/Worst Song of the year “Call Me Maybe” Annoying yes, but super catchy and owned a large part of the year.
2. Most music by Maroon 5 especially when Darren Cris makes it sound a hundred times better on Glee
3. Chris Brown “Don’t Judge Me” because too late jerk.

Best Film
1. Batman Dark Knight Rises
2. Sky Fall
3. Argo
· Interesting that Superhero movies are one of the last places Hollywood will still allow a hero’s journey to occur and a discussion of good and evil. I think that’s why they are so successful when done right.
· Skyfall went back to basics. I like the Bond reboot and backstory evolution. There was some beautiful cinematography in the Shanghai assassination scene and overall well done from start to finish.

Worst Film
1. Guilt Trip: I have not seen this movie but I would rather be water boarded than watch Seth Rogan and Barbra Streisand in anything together.
2. Red Dawn Reboot – North Korea can’t even launch a satellite
3. Taken 2 because they missed a huge opportunity in calling it Retaken.
4. Tinker Tailor Soldier Snore because I felt asleep 3 times trying to watch it.

Catch me on OpinioNation with Jon Rollings, Bruce Carroll, and Mike Ohanian 12/19

Catch up with Jon Rollings @jon_rollings Bruce Carroll @GayPatriot Amy Otto @CAAmyO Mike Ohanian @Lmelephantblog

Is there an agenda driving the reporting on the Newton,CT shootings. What we think of all the anti gun rhetoric. New Segment–> Tirade Time: Mike drags Time Magazine through the mud for deifying Barack Obama as Person of the Year. We all weigh in on Mike’s rant. Of course there’s no avoiding the Fiscal Cliff and Plan B

The Bottom Line: OpinioNation gang weighs in before the bell on Hillary’s concussion of convenience, Moscow saying nyet to foreign adoption of Russian babies, Dean or Frank? Who was the best of the Rat Pack?

Listen to Podcast here or Itunes

Follow OpinioNation on Twitter @OpinioNation405

OpinioNation November 28th

I dare you not to laugh, the gang has a great time with Special Guest Kurt Schlichter @KurtSchlichter. We review our first nasty comment with our panel, discuss the entitlement culture in America and solutions that are serious and not so serious. Fiscal Cliff Dithering towards disaster. Does Lindsay Graham live on Greta ‘s show? Whether it matters if its Ambassador Rice or John Kerry for Secretary of State. The panel wraps with The Bottom Line Segment where we weigh in on critical issues of the day such as Angus T Jones, Lei Zheghfu and Chinese cronyism or just how awful the sex tape really is.

Next week the show starts at 10pm Eastern/ 7 Pm Pacific on Wednesdays . See you then.

OpinioNation With Jon Rollings – 11/28
Jon welcomes the panel Bruce Carroll @GayPatriot Amy Otto @CAAmyO Mike from Loudmouthelephant.com @Lmelephantblog AND SPECIAL GUEST Kurt Schlichter @KurtSchlichter.
Listen to Podcast: http://the405radiolive.wordpress.com/2012/11/28/opinionation-with-jon-rollings-1128/