Friday Roundup The GOP’s Not So Civil War

A few articles today caught my eye

First Ross Douthat with ” A Populism Worth it’s Name”

John Podhoretz Conservatives Gone Wild

The Fiscal Cliff was a choice of taxes or more taxes. The GOP chose less taxes. Blame Obama and Harry Reid if you wanted no taxes. Or blame the Nay’s in the House who couldn’t formulate a plan to amend the Senate Bill. Try not to destroy the room like Keith Moon. Instead,work on finding and electing more Ted Cruz’s and Tim Scott’s. That’s the most productive way to get heard. Winning elections with electable conservatives.

Likewise though to every “expert” out there deriding keyboard warriors or the base. Try to remember, they’re mad at you because you lost the election.. That might make your expertise come into question. Fatal Conceit is also quite unattractive coming from the right. Reach out to your base, you need them to win.

There are plenty center right ideas that have been largely abandoned by both parties. It’s time to brand the Democrats as the party of Big Everything. Big Government, Big Business, and Big Debt.

A War on Crony Capitalism is the way out of this mess.
Here’s a first easy shot from @TPCarney Obama Tax Hikes were less than he handed out to Big Business in the Washington Examiner today

The goal should be to find a winning 21st Century Conservative Agenda that attracts the base and even more Americans not less.


Don’t Look Into The Light America

poltergeistSometimes I just want to shake my fellow Americans and say “don’t look into the light” Yes, we are down, we are broke and most likely headed for another downgrade. But we’ve only just begun to fight.

So the Fiscal Cliff wasn’t everything you hoped for. Fine, but move on or get out of the way because it’s time for the fight on spending. We finally have a tax code that is permanent so it’s off the table. Despite Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s machinations, there is no logical reason the GOP would raise taxes now. The Democrats leverage or should I say hostage has been released except for those unfortunate enough to still be succeeding in this terrible Obama economy but it’s done. And now math is in our favor.

What’s that, you say, we’ve been here before and the GOP always caves. Might my generation ask of you some patience because hey, we’d like a shot at saving America from its worst instincts too. Think of the tea party conservatives as the first injection in a series of many needed inoculations for the party. Yes, they can be clumsy like all puppies and sometimes chew the furniture or pee in the corner if they don’t get their way but they are the seeds of what can move this party and country center right again.

But the GOP is a mess and destroying itself by infighting? Why yes, that’s true but what better way to unite everybody then to start closing ranks and taking aim at the unsustainable largesse that Obama has brought down on America.

It’s the land of opportunity. It’s time we embraced the challenge ahead. We’ve only just begun to fight.

It’s a Spending Problem America everything you need to fight is right here

Why Plan B Mattered. The Freezing Out of Conservative Voices

My premise is that voters will judge GOP on outcomes and sadly through a lens of a brand that has been severly damaged.  If Plan B had passed it would have accomplished one or more of the following:

  • Forced Obama’s hand on his millionaires and billionaires rhetoric.  Obama sensed this could potentially turn the tide and started shifting his language in the presser to 900 Thousandaires.  Reid also went out of his way to note how they would never consider it not for any other purpose but to scare republicans who were afraid of going on record for anything for a mistaken impression that Plan B raised taxes. When democrats protest this much, you may be on to something.
  • Put on its head the idea that the GOP is only interested in being the “Party of the Rich” not the Party of Opportunity , which is where we should play. I accept there are great reasons to argue tax rates holding at all levels and we need to make that case as well as Rubio did recently with specific examples.  Sadly we will have to concede on something or else everyone’s taxes go up and the worst outcome would be to cede that the party that cuts taxes to the Democrats after we hit the Cliff.
  • Its very possible that the Senate may have passed it by a simple majority. Strategically we should be taking more actions to put daylight between Obama who does not have to run for re-election and the Democratic Senators who do in 2014.
  • The GOP has not been able to out “organize” Obama on anything in particular. Plan B was a shot across his bow using his own language. As Alinksky says, make them live their own standards. 
  • Granted Plan B had its faults and there is much to note about how the negotiations have stumbled along to this point to where something like Plan B looks like the best possible outcome for Republicans.  My main reason for supporting it is that it had the potential to end the “revenue” part of conversation that we keep being forced to have instead of the spending conversation we must have if we plan to avert any cliff.

The larger question I’d ask Republican’s to consider whether it is better to have no voice or find one voice to fight with?  What will the be the point of fighting for perfect principles if no one hears you and none of it gets done? How long till voters conclude you are incapable of governing?  It may be easy to sit back and frame an unwillingness to prioritize as principle  even while its countered with the obvious statement that you realize you won’t get everything you want like I hear Levin and Rush do after each tirade. I am frustrated as anyone that we are watching a country slip away further and further from personal responsibility.  Sadly, we lost the election and part of the consequences of that is accepting we cannot get everything we want now, some things have to wait.

We need a party to evaluate the upcoming battles we are going to have with Obama and determine where we must stand firm and what we wait to do until we win more elections.

If the GOP House cannot develop the capacity to prioritize effectively, the GOP will be functionally useless as a counterweight to Obama.   When the next deal is even worse the understanding that an opportunity was missed may become clear.

To the point of being out “organized”, please consider carefully why someone as shrewd of a political operative as Pelosi decided to stay when retirement clearly had been on her mind.   What happened Thursday is exactly the goal Obama, Reid, and Pelosi had been trying to obtain the entire time. A GOP that cannot make a deal with itself and thus from a national perspective, a joke. If they are allowed to continue to sow division, the deals that will be made will be much worse and on more and more of the left’s turf.   I can’t imagine any conservative finds that a beneficial outcome for this country. 

Obama never wanted a deal, he wanted what just happened. The Mayans were right but not about the world, just the party that had a shot of guiding it out of the abyss.

More thoughts on Plan B, Boehner and other current issues are here today from me and the Gang of 405.  Appreciate the listen.

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