Nanny State Government is Government that Governs the Most Trivial

Mayor Bloomberg until now had been mostly famous for his war on salt,appropriate soda container sizes and trans fats. Now he can serve as a prime example as to how big government is not the government that is going to help you when a hurricane like Sandy hits. Content until now to manage the minutia of New Yorkers lives, that when faced with real decisions like whether to cancel a marathon,  Bloomberg dithered until the last-minute.  I imagine much of Bloomberg’s reticence came from the fact that he perceives the running as healthy. If this had been the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating contest, we all know the decision would have been swift.  The salt content alone makes that a slam dunk for Bloomberg.

In all seriousness, leaders who want to spend their time managing the minutia and tactics of our lives very rarely have the skills to evaluate strategically what government should and should not do.  To a man like Bloomberg, a secure power grid for NY is no more important that menus that display calorie content.  Unable to assess where government can provide the most value with the smallest footprint in our lives, he delivers a government that provides no real value or improvements to it citizens.

Those who spend their time content to redistribute or modulate our lives are woefully inadequate to lead in a crisis.