All the Single Ladies Week

I stubbornly persist in believing the GOP should be selling freedom.  “Let it burn” isn’t a real option for a mom with three small children. Besides the Democrats have taken so much power from people, that there’s plenty to hand back.

After the bloodbath that was that survey with single women, there’s work to do.  I shared a few thoughts that I hope to continue in the future  on how to reach female voters.

Like it or not culture looms much larger in voters lives than policy.  Reaching the heart and the mind is the only way to change minds. This piece drew the attention of the politics editor at Cosmopolitan and the Editor in Chief. Perhaps for good reason. They aren’t offering rational balanced analysis of policy or politicians.  Instead they are substituting what they assume is truth because everyone they know believes the same things.

Wednesday, the Pocket Liberty crew went live over at FTR Radio.  We covered Obama’s Speech on ISIS and 2014 Election Stakes. Have a listen here.

But, the best part of this  week might be the BlogFather endorsement. Thank you again Glenn for sharing.  My hope is despite the comments and reactions to my modest proposal to frame conservative policy for the single female that real efforts are made to reach these voters.

If you can’t sell freedom and liberty, you suck