Weekly Political Radio Roundup

Four hours of Live Radio this week if you missed it.

Monday: Match Game Monday Night

With Tabitha Hale, Lisa DePasquale, Tony Katz, Kurt Schlichter, Gabriel Malor, and me
Hosted by @Gaypatriot

If its Wednesday, its Opinionation on at 10pm EST/ 7pm PST

Talked immigration reform, Boston Bombing, Hillary and of course the always fun Bottom Line. Join Jon Rollings, Mike Ohanian, Bruce Carroll and myself weekly. I swear you’ll laugh and might learn something. Or at the very least, you’ll laugh.

Thursday happy to join the my Pocket Full of Liberty Crew and debut the PocketCast of Liberty Live

We discussed Obamacare exemptions, Gun bill failures, and a friendly disagreement on whether shutting down Boston was the right approach. Stay for the end to hear the Goofball tweets of the week from the Crew. Mine refers to a sitting Senator and chickens, seriously.

Saturday’s I’m found often on the Gang of 405.

I literally roll out of bed and jump on this one Saturday mornings on the west coast at 7 yet still sound semi sentient. I recall discussing immigration and what’s in the Gang of Eight bill for Republicans.. essentially nothing. Why John McCain is awful and I think we all started out discussing our feelings. New tone for the gang



Weekly Podcasts: OpinioNation, Podcast Full of Liberty Episode 2, and Gang of 405

radio mikeGreat round up of podcasts this week. Check them all out if you have time

Wednesday’s OpinioNation covered Gun Control, What’s the deal with Pat Toomey, Immigration and of course.. the Bottom Line @JohnEkdahl called into the show to discuss Toomey

PocketCast of Liberty Episode 2 The crew covered marijuana legalization, gun control, GOP Outreach tactics in Blue states, missed opportunities, and the MSNBC promo, Also, what’s wrong with Morning Joe..

Gang of 405 Covered Gosnell, discussion included the media reasons for starting to embrace coverage, what the best and worst ideas regarding politicizing this atrocity and more. We discuss Rand Paul’s outreach to Howard and what worked and what didn’t. What the real commitment to outreach means for the GOP.

My Show Prep
A Different Point of View on Rand Paul
Ben Domenech Storify
“Why I Didn’t Write about Gosnell and I should have” Meghan McCardle
Paul Ryan’s Smart path forward for Pro-Lifers
Why the Left doesn’t want to talk ..
My initial thoughts Friday on Gosnell reaction