This weeks Radio 214 Podcast with Amy Otto and Bruce Carroll

Listen to this week’s Radio214 podcast here or on FTR Radio. We talk identity politics, GOP outreach, our frustrations with the party and more here or ITUNES

Bruce also talks about the origin of his blog and a possible SC Senate Race.


Guest Host for OpinioNation On Wednesday

We covered a ton of topics on our 2/27/13 OpinioNation Podcast. Your’s truly gets the honors of hosting the panel. amy reagan library

  • Bruce has breaking news on regarding Prop 8 Amicus Brief.
  • We discuss Bob Woodward and the White House.
  • Donna Brazile’s confusion over how health care premiums get priced
  • Medicaid Expansion to the States and the various approaches from GOP Governors.
  • T minus two days to Sequester, we discuss how much breath is being spend on what amounts to a 2 % cut in the overall 19% increase in spending from 2007.  Sequester Reads here and here.
  • Bruce and I have some fun with Mike quizzing him about the Oscars.  My fav tweet of the Oscar night from DWS
  • We discuss CPAC and specifically this quote from Philip Klein from a CPAC spokesperson “Obamacare was obviously huge over the past couple of years but Obamacare is
    done”  I ask you, what good is CPAC to Conservatives if they consider Obamacare a done deal?

The Bottom Line Segment Questions: Get everything you need to know in 3 minutes or less. Each Panelist gets 15 seconds or they get the buzzer.

  1. Organizing for America or OFA as I like to call it, declares itself an independent organization despite running Barrack Obama’s twitter account and apparently arranging visits for donors. Can anyone seriously view them as independent?
  2. Rumors are that Hugo Chavez is dead. Is this a win for Cuban Healthcare?
  3. Is there a point where the press will realize they are Rhianna to the White House’s Chris Brown and stop carrying water for this guy?


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