The Left’s Choose Your Own Adventure Approach to the World..

The more I see things like this Gawker article stunt where they publish NY gun owner names, the more I agree with John Podhoretz’s assertion that essence of conservatism is order. The left is in essence, disorder and aims to create situations whether intentionally or not, gravitate our country to moving to more disorder.

A few points of disorder driven without principle from the Left

  • The left clearly would much prefer the Constitution acted more like a choose your own adventure book than a frame from which a Republic hangs its hat and its fortune. Second Amendment too messy, ignore and move along. No need to evaluate position for veracity or constitutionality. These things mean little to a leftist.
  • Obama’s preference for last minute crisis management substituting for governance
  • Ridiculous assertion such as minting a trillion dollar coin as a solution to our nations spending crisis.
  • The Democratic Senate Strategy of not passing a budget for 1350 days as of today despite their obligation to do so.
  • Most horrifically to note, was the assertion that in fact by our own President that we do not have a spending problem despite all evidence to the contrary. Funny that idea was not mentioned as part of #Forward.
  • No longer do our films document a hero’s journeys, instead they often are explorations of navel gazing narcissism of what would normally be a supporting character cast as the lead. Gone is Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey, in is chaos and abdication of personal responsibility for ones choices.
  • The lefts policies destabilize the American society to our detriment and to their electoral advantage. Their war on poverty wreaked havoc on the African American community. Pushing for feminism as expressed by a hook up culture with its distaste for commitment, personal responsibility and marriage has led to an explosion of single mothers with children being raised without their fathers.

    Meanwhile the conservatives continue to attack themselves or brushing up on Saul Alinsky as if we can embrace the chaos of the left and win as some sort of Alinsky light. There is a very real possibility such a current endeavor is doomed to fail because of its essential conflict with the essence of conservatism. Unless order can be distilled out of the chaos right now on the right, no real sense of conservatism to lead from will emerge and we will continue to lose.

    So what does that mean for the right. It means don’t play on the left’s playground. You won’t win an argument if the basis of the discussion is on the unsettled ground of the left. Reframe each point grounded in reality and principle and move forward from there. The left’s premise is always false because it’s not grounded in reality. Start from there and collapse the ground from underneath them.


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