Friday Roundup The GOP’s Not So Civil War

A few articles today caught my eye

First Ross Douthat with ” A Populism Worth it’s Name”

John Podhoretz Conservatives Gone Wild

The Fiscal Cliff was a choice of taxes or more taxes. The GOP chose less taxes. Blame Obama and Harry Reid if you wanted no taxes. Or blame the Nay’s in the House who couldn’t formulate a plan to amend the Senate Bill. Try not to destroy the room like Keith Moon. Instead,work on finding and electing more Ted Cruz’s and Tim Scott’s. That’s the most productive way to get heard. Winning elections with electable conservatives.

Likewise though to every “expert” out there deriding keyboard warriors or the base. Try to remember, they’re mad at you because you lost the election.. That might make your expertise come into question. Fatal Conceit is also quite unattractive coming from the right. Reach out to your base, you need them to win.

There are plenty center right ideas that have been largely abandoned by both parties. It’s time to brand the Democrats as the party of Big Everything. Big Government, Big Business, and Big Debt.

A War on Crony Capitalism is the way out of this mess.
Here’s a first easy shot from @TPCarney Obama Tax Hikes were less than he handed out to Big Business in the Washington Examiner today

The goal should be to find a winning 21st Century Conservative Agenda that attracts the base and even more Americans not less.


4 thoughts on “Friday Roundup The GOP’s Not So Civil War

  1. Conservatarian TX

    It makes a lot of sense in attacking the crony capitalism of this administration. As usual Obama is all about misdirection – says he wants to raise corporate tax rates, but then provides loopholes and breaks for his buddies. The way Obama deals with business is actually more similar to fascism than socialism, economics-wise.

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