13 for 2013: Predictions

Listen to the OpinioNation Crew January 2nd 2013 Podcast for the Bottom Line Segment: 2013 Predictions
Here’s my list

1. Zero Dark Thirty will be better than expected but Hollywood will shrink from applauding it since it notes that people often give up useful information using techniques that are harsher than Club Gitmo

2. The Media will continue to dominate how the mechanics in DC work unless the GOP smartens up. We will stumble from one manufactured crisis to the next unless someone has the guts to call Obama’s bluff and show it’s a bunch of nonsense.

3. Not much will get done regarding real reform in DC because we didn’t win the election and the Democrats don’t care to cut spending.

I’d like to see the GOP rethink its strategy on how to reform entitlements or they will never connect with the American people. Also, it would be nice if anyone would consider cutting non-entitlement spending despite it not being the main driver of our debt. It still sucks that Washington wastes our money.

We can walk and chew gum folks. Cut and reform. Rinse/Repeat.

4. Any new reform proposed by Obama will fail because he is terrible at legislating and prefers to just play politics. If anything does get done it will because Senate Democrats will have decided he’s a lame duck and it’s time to start separating themselves from him. Or if he deploys.. The Biden.

5. The economy will not improve and will continue to stumble around with no real job improvement prospects for the American People. The Media will pretend we need more time while ignoring that the headwinds are self inflicted: Tax increases and Obamacare.

6. The Full Time job will start to become a mythical beast as companies in an effort to manage uncertainty, Government regulations and Obamacare rules, seek out contractors and part time staff for roles.

7. Oil and Gas are American’s way to grow their way out of this mess. I hope to see people take the “I drink your milkshake stance” and buy property next to Federal land and start drilling.

8. The Democrats will overreach on gun control and immigration.

9. No one will propose the obvious fixes for SS and Medicare: Age hikes and means testing for Medicare. Instead we will continue to make stupid videos about throwing grandma off a cliff and yelling Voucher really loud.

10. No one will take on the fraud associated with welfare programs because the GOP is often the stupid party.

11. People will no longer look up from their phones to notice one another and will start to communicate via text message completely.

12. Gun sales continue to skyrocket as our national self flagellation about gun control continues.

13. Despite all efforts and requests Obama will not in fact “be clear”.


2 thoughts on “13 for 2013: Predictions

    • amyotto22

      Most likely because its not popular with the current boss. He tends to drone on and on..

      Prefers death from above instead of capture and thus more intel. Not good for the future.

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