Don’t Look Into The Light America

poltergeistSometimes I just want to shake my fellow Americans and say “don’t look into the light” Yes, we are down, we are broke and most likely headed for another downgrade. But we’ve only just begun to fight.

So the Fiscal Cliff wasn’t everything you hoped for. Fine, but move on or get out of the way because it’s time for the fight on spending. We finally have a tax code that is permanent so it’s off the table. Despite Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s machinations, there is no logical reason the GOP would raise taxes now. The Democrats leverage or should I say hostage has been released except for those unfortunate enough to still be succeeding in this terrible Obama economy but it’s done. And now math is in our favor.

What’s that, you say, we’ve been here before and the GOP always caves. Might my generation ask of you some patience because hey, we’d like a shot at saving America from its worst instincts too. Think of the tea party conservatives as the first injection in a series of many needed inoculations for the party. Yes, they can be clumsy like all puppies and sometimes chew the furniture or pee in the corner if they don’t get their way but they are the seeds of what can move this party and country center right again.

But the GOP is a mess and destroying itself by infighting? Why yes, that’s true but what better way to unite everybody then to start closing ranks and taking aim at the unsustainable largesse that Obama has brought down on America.

It’s the land of opportunity. It’s time we embraced the challenge ahead. We’ve only just begun to fight.

It’s a Spending Problem America everything you need to fight is right here


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