January 9th OpinioNation Podcast: Gawker gun list, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Trillion Dollar Coin and more

Take a listen as myself and the OpinioNation Gang discuss Gawker, the scourge that is High Fructose Corn Syrup, and the lighting round segment–> The Bottom Line
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The Left’s Choose Your Own Adventure Approach to the World..

The more I see things like this Gawker article stunt where they publish NY gun owner names, the more I agree with John Podhoretz’s assertion that essence of conservatism is order. The left is in essence, disorder and aims to create situations whether intentionally or not, gravitate our country to moving to more disorder.

A few points of disorder driven without principle from the Left

  • The left clearly would much prefer the Constitution acted more like a choose your own adventure book than a frame from which a Republic hangs its hat and its fortune. Second Amendment too messy, ignore and move along. No need to evaluate position for veracity or constitutionality. These things mean little to a leftist.
  • Obama’s preference for last minute crisis management substituting for governance
  • Ridiculous assertion such as minting a trillion dollar coin as a solution to our nations spending crisis.
  • The Democratic Senate Strategy of not passing a budget for 1350 days as of today despite their obligation to do so.
  • Most horrifically to note, was the assertion that in fact by our own President that we do not have a spending problem despite all evidence to the contrary. Funny that idea was not mentioned as part of #Forward.
  • No longer do our films document a hero’s journeys, instead they often are explorations of navel gazing narcissism of what would normally be a supporting character cast as the lead. Gone is Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey, in is chaos and abdication of personal responsibility for ones choices.
  • The lefts policies destabilize the American society to our detriment and to their electoral advantage. Their war on poverty wreaked havoc on the African American community. Pushing for feminism as expressed by a hook up culture with its distaste for commitment, personal responsibility and marriage has led to an explosion of single mothers with children being raised without their fathers.

    Meanwhile the conservatives continue to attack themselves or brushing up on Saul Alinsky as if we can embrace the chaos of the left and win as some sort of Alinsky light. There is a very real possibility such a current endeavor is doomed to fail because of its essential conflict with the essence of conservatism. Unless order can be distilled out of the chaos right now on the right, no real sense of conservatism to lead from will emerge and we will continue to lose.

    So what does that mean for the right. It means don’t play on the left’s playground. You won’t win an argument if the basis of the discussion is on the unsettled ground of the left. Reframe each point grounded in reality and principle and move forward from there. The left’s premise is always false because it’s not grounded in reality. Start from there and collapse the ground from underneath them.

Friday Roundup The GOP’s Not So Civil War

A few articles today caught my eye

First Ross Douthat with ” A Populism Worth it’s Name”

John Podhoretz Conservatives Gone Wild

The Fiscal Cliff was a choice of taxes or more taxes. The GOP chose less taxes. Blame Obama and Harry Reid if you wanted no taxes. Or blame the Nay’s in the House who couldn’t formulate a plan to amend the Senate Bill. Try not to destroy the room like Keith Moon. Instead,work on finding and electing more Ted Cruz’s and Tim Scott’s. That’s the most productive way to get heard. Winning elections with electable conservatives.

Likewise though to every “expert” out there deriding keyboard warriors or the base. Try to remember, they’re mad at you because you lost the election.. That might make your expertise come into question. Fatal Conceit is also quite unattractive coming from the right. Reach out to your base, you need them to win.

There are plenty center right ideas that have been largely abandoned by both parties. It’s time to brand the Democrats as the party of Big Everything. Big Government, Big Business, and Big Debt.

A War on Crony Capitalism is the way out of this mess.
Here’s a first easy shot from @TPCarney Obama Tax Hikes were less than he handed out to Big Business in the Washington Examiner today

The goal should be to find a winning 21st Century Conservative Agenda that attracts the base and even more Americans not less.

Dear Mr President : At a Certain Point You’ve Borrowed Enough Money

What everyone should read regarding the Debt Ceiling Debate that’s coming –> Conn Carroll
“The debt limit is not “the United States simply making good on its promise to pay back the debts Congress and two successive administrations.” That is a White House talking point, not a fact. In reality, the debt limit is simply a legal authorization bestowed by Congress to the Secretary of the Treasury to issue new debt.”

Yep, Its time to let President Obama know that “at a certain point you’ve borrowed enough “…

The time for blaming Bush has ended. This chart shows you where we went awry. Things were getting better until the 2007 Democratic Congress.

via Instapundit

13 for 2013: Predictions

Listen to the OpinioNation Crew January 2nd 2013 Podcast for the Bottom Line Segment: 2013 Predictions
Here’s my list

1. Zero Dark Thirty will be better than expected but Hollywood will shrink from applauding it since it notes that people often give up useful information using techniques that are harsher than Club Gitmo

2. The Media will continue to dominate how the mechanics in DC work unless the GOP smartens up. We will stumble from one manufactured crisis to the next unless someone has the guts to call Obama’s bluff and show it’s a bunch of nonsense.

3. Not much will get done regarding real reform in DC because we didn’t win the election and the Democrats don’t care to cut spending.

I’d like to see the GOP rethink its strategy on how to reform entitlements or they will never connect with the American people. Also, it would be nice if anyone would consider cutting non-entitlement spending despite it not being the main driver of our debt. It still sucks that Washington wastes our money.

We can walk and chew gum folks. Cut and reform. Rinse/Repeat.

4. Any new reform proposed by Obama will fail because he is terrible at legislating and prefers to just play politics. If anything does get done it will because Senate Democrats will have decided he’s a lame duck and it’s time to start separating themselves from him. Or if he deploys.. The Biden.

5. The economy will not improve and will continue to stumble around with no real job improvement prospects for the American People. The Media will pretend we need more time while ignoring that the headwinds are self inflicted: Tax increases and Obamacare.

6. The Full Time job will start to become a mythical beast as companies in an effort to manage uncertainty, Government regulations and Obamacare rules, seek out contractors and part time staff for roles.

7. Oil and Gas are American’s way to grow their way out of this mess. I hope to see people take the “I drink your milkshake stance” and buy property next to Federal land and start drilling.

8. The Democrats will overreach on gun control and immigration.

9. No one will propose the obvious fixes for SS and Medicare: Age hikes and means testing for Medicare. Instead we will continue to make stupid videos about throwing grandma off a cliff and yelling Voucher really loud.

10. No one will take on the fraud associated with welfare programs because the GOP is often the stupid party.

11. People will no longer look up from their phones to notice one another and will start to communicate via text message completely.

12. Gun sales continue to skyrocket as our national self flagellation about gun control continues.

13. Despite all efforts and requests Obama will not in fact “be clear”.

The Best and Worst of 2012

Listen to the OpinioNation Crew January 2nd 2013 Podcast for our take on the Best of 2012.
Here’s a recap of mine below.

Best Political Stories of 2012
1. From Benjamin Netanyahu’s side by side Press conference with Obama in 2011 to his speech at the UN regarding the redline gives me hope that someplace, somewhere people still know what it means to lead with moral clarity.
2. The fact that Marco Rubio exists and may proceed unopposed based on the past 2 days of news. Overall the GOP Bench vs Benghgazi Hillary and Joe “Chains” Biden are quite a promising match up for conservatives.
3. Paul Ryan Hey Girl Meme provided some comic relief and eye candy to console us while we inexorably lost to the Obama Machine and his merry band of low information voters.

Worst Political Stories of 2012
1. Youtube videos cause terrorist attack on 9/11 in Benghazi. White House pushes false narrative and even doubles down at the UN on the youtube premise and takes a nice attack at free speech with this one “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” Who would do that? ..
2. The Fiscal Cliff Story. I imagine the house GOP felt like Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon realizing “That’s no Moon” You were taxed if you do or taxed if you don’t. It was a mobius strip of hell being trapped in this new cycle.
3. OWS: A product of a higher education bubble that liberals continue to push. Meanwhile they keep churning out sociology, womyn’s studies and other crap that qualifies you to own a Che shirt and work in a hipster coffee shop with 200K in debt. Meanwhile you can’t even spell correctly on a protest sign. Yeah America! Thank you public schools for generating tons of people who need a college degree to learn what they used to learn in High School.

Best Non-Political Stories
1. Jersey Shore is cancelled
2. Will and Kate’s Royal Baby
3. London Olympics: Always good to see that someplace somewhere, participating is not enough. We still reward winning and are even so cruel as to rank them. I’m sure this will end soon.

Worst Non-Political Stories
1. The Brits salute to nationalized healthcare in the London Olympics opener. I didn’t predict that the end of European Civilization would be choreographed.
2. Anything to do with Russell Brand. I think one could look too long at the man and contract a STD
3. Honey Boo Boo Fever Strikes America filling the embarrassing vacuum previously occupied by the Jersey Shore.

Best Person of the Year
1. Scott Walker
2. Glen Dougherty and Tyrone Woods the two former seals who defended the Benghazi compound
3. Andrew Breitbart

Worst Person of the Year
1. Sandra Fluke Reproductive Panhandler
2. John Roberts: Obamacare Ruling. Americans can now be forced to buy a private sector product by the federal government via taxation.
3. Eric Holder: Fast and Furious, Voter Id, Black Panthers case and who knows what else that isn’t being covered. A disaster of an AG and toxic for this country’s race relations. How’s that for a “bold conversation on race”

Best Song of the Year
1. “We are Young” by Fun
2. “Hey Ho” by the Lumineers:
3. “Baddest Man Alive” The Black Keys

Worst Song
1. Best/Worst Song of the year “Call Me Maybe” Annoying yes, but super catchy and owned a large part of the year.
2. Most music by Maroon 5 especially when Darren Cris makes it sound a hundred times better on Glee
3. Chris Brown “Don’t Judge Me” because too late jerk.

Best Film
1. Batman Dark Knight Rises
2. Sky Fall
3. Argo
· Interesting that Superhero movies are one of the last places Hollywood will still allow a hero’s journey to occur and a discussion of good and evil. I think that’s why they are so successful when done right.
· Skyfall went back to basics. I like the Bond reboot and backstory evolution. There was some beautiful cinematography in the Shanghai assassination scene and overall well done from start to finish.

Worst Film
1. Guilt Trip: I have not seen this movie but I would rather be water boarded than watch Seth Rogan and Barbra Streisand in anything together.
2. Red Dawn Reboot – North Korea can’t even launch a satellite
3. Taken 2 because they missed a huge opportunity in calling it Retaken.
4. Tinker Tailor Soldier Snore because I felt asleep 3 times trying to watch it.

Don’t Look Into The Light America

poltergeistSometimes I just want to shake my fellow Americans and say “don’t look into the light” Yes, we are down, we are broke and most likely headed for another downgrade. But we’ve only just begun to fight.

So the Fiscal Cliff wasn’t everything you hoped for. Fine, but move on or get out of the way because it’s time for the fight on spending. We finally have a tax code that is permanent so it’s off the table. Despite Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s machinations, there is no logical reason the GOP would raise taxes now. The Democrats leverage or should I say hostage has been released except for those unfortunate enough to still be succeeding in this terrible Obama economy but it’s done. And now math is in our favor.

What’s that, you say, we’ve been here before and the GOP always caves. Might my generation ask of you some patience because hey, we’d like a shot at saving America from its worst instincts too. Think of the tea party conservatives as the first injection in a series of many needed inoculations for the party. Yes, they can be clumsy like all puppies and sometimes chew the furniture or pee in the corner if they don’t get their way but they are the seeds of what can move this party and country center right again.

But the GOP is a mess and destroying itself by infighting? Why yes, that’s true but what better way to unite everybody then to start closing ranks and taking aim at the unsustainable largesse that Obama has brought down on America.

It’s the land of opportunity. It’s time we embraced the challenge ahead. We’ve only just begun to fight.

It’s a Spending Problem America everything you need to fight is right here