Catch me on OpinioNation with Jon Rollings, Bruce Carroll, and Mike Ohanian 12/19

Catch up with Jon Rollings @jon_rollings Bruce Carroll @GayPatriot Amy Otto @CAAmyO Mike Ohanian @Lmelephantblog

Is there an agenda driving the reporting on the Newton,CT shootings. What we think of all the anti gun rhetoric. New Segment–> Tirade Time: Mike drags Time Magazine through the mud for deifying Barack Obama as Person of the Year. We all weigh in on Mike’s rant. Of course there’s no avoiding the Fiscal Cliff and Plan B

The Bottom Line: OpinioNation gang weighs in before the bell on Hillary’s concussion of convenience, Moscow saying nyet to foreign adoption of Russian babies, Dean or Frank? Who was the best of the Rat Pack?

Listen to Podcast here or Itunes

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