A Few Predictions

My Map  272 Romney/266 Obama is my bet/hope for election day. FL, CO, WI, OH, NC  go to Romney.    More on that here from Peggy Noonan.  So what happens next?

While not on the ballot this election, the debate is fundamentally about the role of Government in our affairs. Either the american people believe that teachers are the answers to all things, per Obama’s only growth initiative offered for his  next four years,  or that reviving a once thriving private sector is our way out of this mess.  If the private sector prevails, this means a move to less government, the blunting of the most egregious taxes that are set to hit the American people in 2013, and implementing a plan that realistically deals with our debts.

At a minimum,  Mitt Romney must repeal Obamacare, roll back EPA and other regulations stifling growth and pass a budget that demonstrates a path to fiscal sanity. All of this most likely without the benefit of a GOP controlled Senate.  Not to mention that a repeal of Dodd-Frank is critical for reviving small banks and that every effort must be made to stoke energy production, incentivize capital formation and risk taking.  I imagine he also won’t have as much latitude to blame his predecessor nor a press complicit in cheerleading his initiatives. The road ahead is not easy so I leave you with a small upside to an Obama loss. The return Government to its proper place in people’s lives. Politicians are not  lightbringers nor Hope incarnate. They work for us and we should remind them of that on Tuesday.


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